The Things You Learn When You’re Sick in Bed


I have a cold. Not a big deal. I know. People deal with much larger things than a cold on a daily basis. But since I’ve been home in bed with this cold… I’ve learned a thing or two and I wanted to share them with you! When you’re stuck in bed and your main form of entertainment is scrolling through Facebook…

1. You learn a lot about the people in your circle of friends!

In the last two days… I’ve discovered that several people I know have gotten married, had babies, gotten engaged, purchased homes, are dealing with loss, and are reveling in successes. It’s not that I didn’t know these things before… but I learned more abut them in greater detail. It’s one thing to click like to show your support of a friend buying a new home, but it’s another to actually read several of the updates that followed that post and leave a real comment. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and take more time to keep up with the lives of the people around me and genuinely share in both the joy and pain with them. No more random likes! Maybe. Mostly.

2. It’s ok to call someone a dick.

No really. It is. A colleague in this space that I call my work, Marc Ensign, wrote an amazing post about a neighbor named Dick, who was a really great neighbor. Dick welcomed Marc’s family to the neighborhood when they moved in. He had a list of important phone numbers, he let them borrow things they needed and he remembered their names! *gasp* I love how Marc relates this to our social media communities. And he is so right. We should be welcoming to the people in our community. Not because we’re paid to. But because we enjoy it. I realized after reading this article that I’ve been a Dick all along. In a good way! Let’s all be the Dicks in our neighborhoods! I’m glad that I stumbled across this post with a little help from Facebook this morning!

So there you go. Just a couple of short things that crossed my mind as I’m attempting to get some rest. It all ties in with the message that I’ve been trying to share with those around me. It’s ok to give of yourself. Even in business. So what if social media is your job? That doesn’t mean that you stop caring about the people around you. Be a friend! #giveyou