Does Social Listening Really Matter?

Active Social Listening

This is a real question that I was really asked. Does social listening really matter? Uh… YES!

Social listening is one of the most under utilized tools in the marketer’s toolbox. It’s more than just replying to @ messages or following hashtags. It’s actively listening, participating in the conversation, and then acting on that conversation- creating a relationship.

Let me give you the perfect example.

My fiancé and I took a weekend staycation at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, AZ. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and we thought the trip might be a nice way to get a change of scenery from the hospital. While vacationing, we took pictures and I tweeted and used Instagram as anyone would. One night we were at dinner and my fiancé, PJ, started to feel sick. He had to leave before our meal arrived. I was heartbroken for him. For us. Our waiter was amazing and had everything sent up to our room-including the wine. I did forget to order dessert however and while I did tweet the resort about our experience with the waiter… I also tweeted how glad I was that I packed some Teddy Grahams to satisfy our sweet tooth. The next night… to our great surprise… there was a knock at the door and in came a bottle of champagne and dessert for two. There was also a note from Rachelle, on the Loews social media team. She thanked us for connecting with them on social media and wished PJ well. Not only that- but they also tweeted him well wishes using #teampj to cheer him on in his fight with this cancer.

I’m sharing this vacation experience with you to demonstrate a very important point. Because of our experience with the staff and then the social media team at Loews… we will be seeking out a Loews resort for all of our travels. Not only have they created loyal customers in us… but I also shared my love for Loews with my own social media following. This gave Loews some additional visibility among my circle of friends and readers. Being that I’m a social marketer myself- I can now also take this lesson and make sure that I’m applying it to my own client’s communities.

Loews doesn’t just respond to tweets and follow hashtags. They participate in the conversation. They take additional action when it’s called for. They develop long lasting relationships. And for that… I thank them!

Can you say the same for the communities that you manage? That’s my challenge to you today. Don’t just listen. Respond. Act. Build a relationship. #giveyou