Twitter + Sales


The first Tweet was sent on March 21, 2006. It wasn’t anything Earth-shattering. It simply said- “just setting up my twttr.” -@Jack

Tweet 38 responded back- “Oh, this is going to be addictive.” -@Dom

It certainly has become an addiction of sorts! And although the platform has evolved immensely since its inception in 2006, the foundation of short, real-time, conversation hasn’t.

Twitter has changed the way we share information. It’s much more than simply stating- “I love coffee!” It’s about sharing what kind of coffee, why we love it, and where to get it.

Kelly Loubet Twitter Coffee

Tweets like this grow a community of people with similar interests. It causes the community to become curious about the coffee and give it a try. Repeated posts over time strengthen the belief and once another community member confirms the review… trust is built.

This trust is what allows businesses to be a part of Twitter. Businesses that engage with their audience- rather than sell to them- develop a trusting community of loyalists. I challenge you to change the way you’re tweeting. Add some description, but don’t be overly sales-y. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and speak from the heart. That’s the secret! #giveyou

Have a great week!