Networking is Everything


Networking really is everything. The people you know and connect with are the most important resources you have. But it’s not all about getting. It’s about giving. I didn’t even realize what an extensive network of real people I had until recently. I know… all people are real people. But I’m talking about a network of people who will truly go to bat for me. How did I acquire this network? By giving.

The people in my network don’t owe me any favors. I didn’t give out help in hopes of getting some back. Giving to your community should come from the true desire to help. This doesn’t mean to sell yourself short or to give out advice you’d normally charge for. It means- when someone in your network asks you for a hand up in a genuine way… you help. When a newbie in the space asks you an easily answered question… you answer. When someone in your network is celebrating a big win… you celebrate with them. That’s all.

Soon enough… you’ll find that all of your natural goodness has produced a network of kind and helpful people. Networking has gotten me every job worth talking about. It’s gotten me invited to places I feel like I had no business being. And most importantly… it’s connected me with people I look up to and learn from on a daily basis.

Networking + Giving of your knowledge = Gaining new knowledge

So… today, I challenge you to change the way you look at your current network. Get out there and do some social good for no reason at all, other than to see your peers grow and flourish. Eventually… it comes back around a million times over and when you least expected it to.

Happy networking my friends! #giveyou