ROI? Yes. We Can Track That.


Your community. They support you. They cheer you on. They share about what you’re doing to make the world a better place. They buy your products and services. And…they’re talking about you even if you’re not present. So why do you executives have such a hard time getting behind social media intiatives?

The answer I hear most is – “We can’t track the ROI.”

I’m pretty sure a kitten dies every time the phrase is even uttered. So if you care about kittens at all…stop using this as your reason for not investing in healthy, vibrant online community. The truth is- there are many ways to track the ROI. And there are many ways to interpret what ROI means within your organization.

Let’s break it down.

Being the source of knowledge in your field keeps you top of mind to consumers. They may not be in the market for a new (insert product here) yet, but when they are, YOU are who they’ll come to first. Why? Because you’ve created a digital community with relevant and sometimes entertaining content. You engage with your community and you show that you care when something goes wrong. What’s the value of that? It’s invaluable.

Once a consumer begins to make their way down the sales funnel – it is possible to track. There are tons of tools out there that will document the customer journey down to a single tweet. This journey can be segmented too. Are you having a sale on gold bracelets? There are technologies that will allow you to see who opened your last email with gold braceletes as the header image. Now you’re tracking gold-loving customers. Being able to segment your online customers and tailor individual messages through not only email, but also social media, use to be a pipe dream. Now it’s a trackable reality.

There are plenty of items in your marketing budget that are hard to track the ROI on. For example, it’s extrememly hard to measure the result of PR. Yet, every marketing budget has a line item for PR with no problem. It’s just something that has been accepted as the cost of business. Digital marketing – social media in particular – needs to become an accepted cost of business. According to a recent HubSpot poll – “87% of Gen X’ers (30 to 44 year olds) and even 70% of those ages to 45 to 60 think brands should, at the very least, have a Facebook page.”

So let me ask again – Why do executives have such a hard time getting behind social media initiatives?

Brands that aren’t investing in building their online community are falling further behind each day. Not only do customers expect you to respond via social media but they now expect service along every step of the buying process. Customers want a personal relationship with their favorite brands. And – if you’re not talking with them, they’re still talking about you. Don’t you want to be there to support that?

Executives – get on board. Enlist the help of a specialist, not a random intern. Start building your online community. If you already have an online presence, improve it. Grow it. Show your customer that you’re there for them. You may not be able to track the value of their respect for you, but you can track the end result of the journey.


*Note- My original post was published on the Creation Agency blog on 2/24/16.

Word to the Wise… Your Audience is Human

take a walk

Hey Friends!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. If you follow me on any of my social channels, you’ve surely seen that the love of my life has been battling cancer. That has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to share with you why there’s been such a gap in my writing. You know… be human with you. And treat you as actual real humans.

Now THAT is exactly what this post is about. Your audience is human. My audience is human. There is an actual person in front of the screen reading our content.

So often, I feel like that this  simple truth gets lost in marketing. Sellers get so consumed in pushing their product that they forget a real person is on the other end. And by forgetting who the audience is… the message is delivered in the wrong way.

When you think of your marketing plan, think of your best friend. You wouldn’t shout and wave your arms around like a crazy person to force your best friend to listen to you. You wouldn’t invite your best friend over on false pretenses just to get them in front of you for a few minutes. You certainly wouldn’t show up at the places your best friend hangs out in order to ambush them. No. That’s called stalking. Your best friend would likely break it off, call the police and get a restraining order!

But those are exactly the steps that many marketers are taking in order to reach an audience. They treat social media as a megaphone rather than as a 2 way conversation. They bait their audience with juicy links and promises of something amazing… only to find content of a different kind. And they invade the space of others by talking at them instead of with them on personal social channels.

Don’t be that marketer.

I’m not saying that you can’t strike up organic conversations with your customers on their personal social channels. I’ve made some of the most valuable relationships by simply conversing with people I’m interested in. But a conversation is just that. It’s a conversation. Until something more meaningful develops… don’t sell that person. Relationships of substance and of trust take some time.

I guess what I’m saying is. Your marketing tactics aren’t just going out into the Universe. They’re landing in front of real people. Human beings. Give them a reason to want to know more about you. Don’t give them a reason to file a restraining order.

*much love*


Social Media Day + Phoenix


It’s almost here! Social Media Day 2015! And here in Phoenix, we’ve celebrated this awesome day for  6 years! The last 2 years have been organized by MoniQue Hoffman, Vice President of Social Media Club Phoenix and local entrepreneur. Each event has had a special feel of camaraderie and there was much knowledge to be gained… and this year is certain to have just a bit more of that! Get your tickets for the June 30th event here:

The line up is amazing… kicking off with Matt Gottesman, Founder of Hustle & Deal Flow/Stealth Digital LLC. He’s leading a session on creating great content + leveraging it on Instagram. This will be such an amazing session for many attendees, because finding your Instagram voice can be a tricky thing. But once you’ve found your groove… and you know how to leverage it… you’ll be unstoppable! xo

Next on the agenda? A fireside chat (not really because it’s hotter than the gates of hell in Phoenix right now) with Mayor Greg Stanton. The Phoenix Mayor is incredibly social! Find out how he utilizes social media and why he feels it’s an important way to reach the people.

I think I’m most looking forward to the session with Kevin Spidel, Director of Voice Media Group. He’ll be sharing some of his favorite social engagement tools and the power of gamification. That’s a scary word for some brands, but gamification could be just what your brand needs to create an army of active loyalists!

There’s also a panel with some of Phoenix’s most influential social media users. I’d hate to forget to mention that the Social Media Club of Phoenix is coming back in full force after being in hibernation for a couple of years. Vincent Orleck, Social Media Manager at Plexus Worldwide, took on the task of President and is reviving the club. Club members (including me) will be on hand to invite new members to join up and participate! I’ve taken on the role of Director of Partnerships and would love to talk to some of Phoenix’s brightest small business owners! So… step right up and let’s chat!

And… no Social Media Day would be complete without an after party! Join us for some drinks and mingling after the day is done! Can’t wait to see you there! Get your tickets at the top of this post… in case you missed it! xo



Does Social Listening Really Matter?

Active Social Listening

This is a real question that I was really asked. Does social listening really matter? Uh… YES!

Social listening is one of the most under utilized tools in the marketer’s toolbox. It’s more than just replying to @ messages or following hashtags. It’s actively listening, participating in the conversation, and then acting on that conversation- creating a relationship.

Let me give you the perfect example.

My fiancé and I took a weekend staycation at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, AZ. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and we thought the trip might be a nice way to get a change of scenery from the hospital. While vacationing, we took pictures and I tweeted and used Instagram as anyone would. One night we were at dinner and my fiancé, PJ, started to feel sick. He had to leave before our meal arrived. I was heartbroken for him. For us. Our waiter was amazing and had everything sent up to our room-including the wine. I did forget to order dessert however and while I did tweet the resort about our experience with the waiter… I also tweeted how glad I was that I packed some Teddy Grahams to satisfy our sweet tooth. The next night… to our great surprise… there was a knock at the door and in came a bottle of champagne and dessert for two. There was also a note from Rachelle, on the Loews social media team. She thanked us for connecting with them on social media and wished PJ well. Not only that- but they also tweeted him well wishes using #teampj to cheer him on in his fight with this cancer.

I’m sharing this vacation experience with you to demonstrate a very important point. Because of our experience with the staff and then the social media team at Loews… we will be seeking out a Loews resort for all of our travels. Not only have they created loyal customers in us… but I also shared my love for Loews with my own social media following. This gave Loews some additional visibility among my circle of friends and readers. Being that I’m a social marketer myself- I can now also take this lesson and make sure that I’m applying it to my own client’s communities.

Loews doesn’t just respond to tweets and follow hashtags. They participate in the conversation. They take additional action when it’s called for. They develop long lasting relationships. And for that… I thank them!

Can you say the same for the communities that you manage? That’s my challenge to you today. Don’t just listen. Respond. Act. Build a relationship. #giveyou



Networking is Everything


Networking really is everything. The people you know and connect with are the most important resources you have. But it’s not all about getting. It’s about giving. I didn’t even realize what an extensive network of real people I had until recently. I know… all people are real people. But I’m talking about a network of people who will truly go to bat for me. How did I acquire this network? By giving.

The people in my network don’t owe me any favors. I didn’t give out help in hopes of getting some back. Giving to your community should come from the true desire to help. This doesn’t mean to sell yourself short or to give out advice you’d normally charge for. It means- when someone in your network asks you for a hand up in a genuine way… you help. When a newbie in the space asks you an easily answered question… you answer. When someone in your network is celebrating a big win… you celebrate with them. That’s all.

Soon enough… you’ll find that all of your natural goodness has produced a network of kind and helpful people. Networking has gotten me every job worth talking about. It’s gotten me invited to places I feel like I had no business being. And most importantly… it’s connected me with people I look up to and learn from on a daily basis.

Networking + Giving of your knowledge = Gaining new knowledge

So… today, I challenge you to change the way you look at your current network. Get out there and do some social good for no reason at all, other than to see your peers grow and flourish. Eventually… it comes back around a million times over and when you least expected it to.

Happy networking my friends! #giveyou



Twitter + Sales


The first Tweet was sent on March 21, 2006. It wasn’t anything Earth-shattering. It simply said- “just setting up my twttr.” -@Jack

Tweet 38 responded back- “Oh, this is going to be addictive.” -@Dom

It certainly has become an addiction of sorts! And although the platform has evolved immensely since its inception in 2006, the foundation of short, real-time, conversation hasn’t.

Twitter has changed the way we share information. It’s much more than simply stating- “I love coffee!” It’s about sharing what kind of coffee, why we love it, and where to get it.

Kelly Loubet Twitter Coffee

Tweets like this grow a community of people with similar interests. It causes the community to become curious about the coffee and give it a try. Repeated posts over time strengthen the belief and once another community member confirms the review… trust is built.

This trust is what allows businesses to be a part of Twitter. Businesses that engage with their audience- rather than sell to them- develop a trusting community of loyalists. I challenge you to change the way you’re tweeting. Add some description, but don’t be overly sales-y. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and speak from the heart. That’s the secret! #giveyou

Have a great week!


The Things You Learn When You’re Sick in Bed


I have a cold. Not a big deal. I know. People deal with much larger things than a cold on a daily basis. But since I’ve been home in bed with this cold… I’ve learned a thing or two and I wanted to share them with you! When you’re stuck in bed and your main form of entertainment is scrolling through Facebook…

1. You learn a lot about the people in your circle of friends!

In the last two days… I’ve discovered that several people I know have gotten married, had babies, gotten engaged, purchased homes, are dealing with loss, and are reveling in successes. It’s not that I didn’t know these things before… but I learned more abut them in greater detail. It’s one thing to click like to show your support of a friend buying a new home, but it’s another to actually read several of the updates that followed that post and leave a real comment. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and take more time to keep up with the lives of the people around me and genuinely share in both the joy and pain with them. No more random likes! Maybe. Mostly.

2. It’s ok to call someone a dick.

No really. It is. A colleague in this space that I call my work, Marc Ensign, wrote an amazing post about a neighbor named Dick, who was a really great neighbor. Dick welcomed Marc’s family to the neighborhood when they moved in. He had a list of important phone numbers, he let them borrow things they needed and he remembered their names! *gasp* I love how Marc relates this to our social media communities. And he is so right. We should be welcoming to the people in our community. Not because we’re paid to. But because we enjoy it. I realized after reading this article that I’ve been a Dick all along. In a good way! Let’s all be the Dicks in our neighborhoods! I’m glad that I stumbled across this post with a little help from Facebook this morning!

So there you go. Just a couple of short things that crossed my mind as I’m attempting to get some rest. It all ties in with the message that I’ve been trying to share with those around me. It’s ok to give of yourself. Even in business. So what if social media is your job? That doesn’t mean that you stop caring about the people around you. Be a friend! #giveyou



Why I Do What I Do

*Originally published by Kelly Loubet on

I’m asked on nearly a daily basis if I can help someone start their business. Help grow their blog. Help manage their Twitter. Help write a blog post. Why? Because I’m pretty darn good at what I do. No… I’m not on any top social media guru lists. In fact, most of the time, I don’t ask for credit at all. I do what I do, because I love it. And I love people. And I love seeing people succeed.

Yes, I do have a pretty extensive speaker resume. It’s nice to be recognized as an expert in your field. But it was only recently that I’ve been asked to attend some pretty prestigious events as a social media influencer and not as a parenting blogger or a foodie. After almost 10 years… I feel like I’m earning my spot among some of the top people in my field and weirdly enough… they’ve been my friends all along. From blogging to community manager, to marketing strategist, to Director of Social Media Marketing… it’s been an amazing journey and I’m not done yet!

How did I get to where I am?

I worked my tooshie off! I read (and still do) every single day about the industry. Study the competitive landscape. Test out new initiatives. Not all of them succeed as I’d like them to, but that’s how we innovate. I ask questions. Lots of them. And I attend conferences to keep my skills sharp. Without the network of amazing people I keep around me… I wouldn’t be where I am today. So…

I’m writing today to encourage you to attend one of the best conferences in the digital space: NMX- New Media Expo. April 13-16 in Vegas.

Whether you are just starting out as a digital entrepreneur or you’re as seasoned as I am… NMX is where you want to be. The speaker line up this year is beyond words! Some of my favorite experts in the marketing space will be sharing their insights- like Joel Comm, Marcy Massura, David Griner and Jason Falls. And some of my favorite bloggers and friends that came from the parenting space like I did – Cecily Kellogg and Amy Lupold Bair, Kelby Carr, and Katja Presnal. I came up through the ranks with these amazing women and I’m so proud to call them my friends! There will even be a few celebs- like Adam Carolla and Dennis Miller!

Bring your note pad and pen… (I’m an old fashioned note-taker) and soak it all in! I’ll even meet up with you for coffee or a drink of the adult variety! You can register by clicking the banner below… Yes… it is my affiliate link. I have a chance to win a spot at a very amazing travel conference… so I’m sharing it! I even have a discount code for you! Just enter kloubet20 when you’re checking out!


If you decide to come and register… let me know! Shoot me a tweet @kellyloubet and we’ll connect! See you in Vegas!

Organic Social Media Community Growth

organic community growh

Over the last 8 years of my career… one thing has remained consistent. Authentic conversation. Whether we’re chatting about the industry at large or what our plans are for the weekend… you can be sure that I’m answering you in an authentic way. There’s no hidden agenda. There’s just a friend sharing about her life.

And that bleeds over into my philosophy as it relates to growing an online community. Branded or not… organic community growth centers around conversation. Every trusted relationship begins with an authentic conversation. At my current brand, Origami Owl, my team is trained to respond to each customer reaching out to us through our social channels. Sometimes it’s a customer in need of service. Other times it’s fan sharing their love of the product. Regardless of why they’ve commented- our team attempts to cultivate a meaningful conversation with them. These conversations create growth within our community and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

How does a simple response to a comment create growth? Well… I’ve found that when questions get answered in a timely and meaningful way… more people come. The community becomes known as a  source of credible knowledge. And it goes beyond just answering comments. It also has to do with the way information is shared in the post to begin with. But that’s another topic all together.

I challenge you to attempt to actually converse with the people engaging in your online communities. You’ll absolutely begin to see growth results. Does it happen overnight? No. But it will happen and those community members will be the quality fans that your brands needs. Show that you care. Give what they need. #GiveYou.