I always struggle with “about” pages… Let’s keep it simple and say that I’m a mom, a writer, a good friend, an innovator of sorts and I have a passion for community building through social marketing.

How did I get into all this? In 2007, I was the owner of a small children’s boutique called Childhood. When economic times got tough… I took it online and started to blog. Soon… people were reading more than they were buying and brands took notice. In 2008, I started doing paid branded posts and product reviews (my opinion for free). I also started doing wildly successful, live, branded meet-ups.

From there… I started speaking to bloggers at conferences on how to do what I was doing. I spoke to brands on how to reach bloggers. I consulted on large-scale, integrated campaigns and eventually landed at an agency in NYC in 2011.

Currently… I’m the Senior Social Media Strategist a Origami Owl. It’s here that I come up with the overall strategic calendar, develop innovative consumer promotions, execute social campaigns and make our brand one of the top players in the jewelry category. I manage a team of Community Managers and work with various guest bloggers.

My philosophy as it relates to growing an online community… branded or not… centers around conversation. Every trusted relationship begin with an authentic conversation. My team is trained to respond to each customer reaching out to us through our social channels. Sometimes it’s a customer in need of service. Other times it’s fan sharing their love of our product. Regardless of why they’ve commented- our team attempts to cultivate a meaningful conversation with them. These conversations create growth within our community and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

In my spare time… I’m a mom, writer, speaker, doodler of notes, part-time jetsetter, + full-time optimist. I’d love for you to visit some of my other blogs and learn a little bit more about me. I’d also love to connect with you! You can find all of my contact information on the home page.

If you want to read up more formally about my professional experience… check out my Linked In. Thanks for stopping by!

*Much Love*

Kelly Loubet